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A New Smile Is Easier than You Think

Everyone wants to look their best, and having an attractive smile is a big part of looking and feeling good. We offer the latest treatments that are easier and more affordable than ever. There is no reason not to have the beautiful smile you've always wanted. We can re-create your smile with bonding, veneers, crowns, and whitening. Come in and let us show you what we can do for you.

Orthodontics that Are InvisibleInvisalign Dentist Cedar Point NC 28584

Dr. Gentry is very pleased to offer her patients Invisalign™ orthodontics that correct all the problems of a crooked or uneven smile that traditional braces do. There are no wires, braces, or headgear to wear! This system provides removable appliances, similar to whitening trays, that will straighten your teeth in only 9 – 15 months. Because you can take them out for proper cleaning of your teeth, you can eat and drink whatever you like while in active treatment. No one will ever know you are straightening your teeth with this amazing, "invisible" system.

A Dazzling White Smile

You may have seen in magazines or television the great results for teeth that were whitened with professional-strength, chair-side treatment. Power whitening can remove stains and discoloration from your teeth in one visit, to obtain the brilliant smile you crave. The results are amazing and can last for years.

We also make custom-fitted whitening trays to whiten your teeth. We give you supplies and instructions to follow at home, and within 1 – 14 days you will see results that will make you smile!

A Beautiful Smile in Only Two Visits

Porcelain veneers can correct the unsightliness of gaps or misshapen or discolored teeth to give you a smile that looks like you had years of straightening. It can take as few as two visits to achieve your new look.

The porcelain veneers we use are the latest, most durable sheets of dental ceramic that are bonded to your natural teeth to create a smile that is even, uniform, and very attractive.

Veneers can also be used on a single tooth that is cracked, worn down, or chipped. This type of restoration will blend in color to match the other teeth, so your smile will be a very natural-looking one

Modern Filling Materials

We use only composite resin filling materials that contain no metals. For years, the silver-mercury amalgam has been the most common substance used. As metal does not bond well to a tooth's surface, eventually the fillings loosen and allow decay to set in. The biggest objection patients have to metal fillings is their appearance of a noticeable dark patch in their teeth. The filling materials we use are made to match the shade of a tooth to make it undetectable and to create a pleasing smile. These also bond very tightly to a tooth's structure, reducing the chance of a cavity developing. They are long lasting and add strength to the tooth's structure for full functionality.

Restorations with CrownsDental Crowns Implants Dentist Cedar Point NC 28584

If a tooth is broken or too worn down, a regular filling will not be the suitable restoration. Instead, a crown will be made and placed over the remaining tooth structure to return it to full functionality.

We make our crowns from the highest-quality materials available, and they will provide durable and natural-looking replacements for damaged teeth.

Bridges as a Replacement for Missing Teeth

If you have more than one tooth missing in succession, a bridge will serve as a replacement. They are made from the best quality materials to provide a lasting and functional restoration. These custom-made bridges are secured in your mouth with a crown at each end. They look natural, are comfortable, and provide full chewing capability.

A Full Smile with Dental Implants

We highly recommend recapturing a complete smile with placement of dental implants. No matter where the gaps are located or how many teeth you have missing, these implants will provide full chewing capabilities and look just like real teeth. They come up through the gums, instead of sitting on top of them, which give them a very realistic appearance. It is as if you grew new teeth!

Those without any teeth can benefit, as they will be permanent. No longer will denture wearers have to deal with the problems of loose and slipping dentures that make for difficult chewing and embarrassing moments when speaking.

We conveniently handle the entire process for you, from post implant to crown fabrication and bonding the teeth in place. So there is no need for referral to another office.

Dentures that Fit and Function Like They Should

We design dentures that give you the best fit and won't slip! No kidding! With modern technology, we can secure the denture plate in place, so it will not move when you eat or speak. You won't fret over what you can and can't eat with this solution we provide. Come in and let us take care of the problem to make your life much easier.


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